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Classic PC Games

Doom PC Game ImageClassic PC games from the past live on, if only in memories of those great gaming moments from the past!

We created RetroPCGamer.Com for gamers like us who grew up with the early console games in the late 1970s and 80s, then moved on to PC games in the early 1990s.

We have played almost every PC game created and attended the e3 gaming conference several times throughout the last two decades and we definitely have our own opinions about the games we love to play.

Many of your favorite games are available for download now, as well as being able to purchase full boxed, collectible versions at a premium from vendors at places like eBay and Amazon.

While many of the newest games for game consoles and PC are totally excellent, we believe that the older games for PC not only hold up well, but offer great replay and nostalgia for the hard core PC gamer that can’t be beat.

Just about anything you could think of could be turned into a game. And with the power of the PC, the possibilities are endless.

We all have our favorite PC games.  You may not be able to recreate those great gaming moments, but wouldn’t it be nice to play that game you loved one more time?

the best way to enjoy those old classics is with a PC from the same era. However, many of today’s PC’s will do just fine. In some cases you may need to find a fix, a patch, or an update to get it working right in the latest version of Microsoft Windows.

We recommend finding the original box version of the game. And in many cases, we have found it for you. But, if your not a collector, and want to just get the game and play it, then you can try Amazon downloads or GOG.Com.

Star Wars fans, GOG.Com has the best classics, including X-Wing Alliance and X-Wing Vs. tie Fighter.

Browse through classic PC games available on eBay, Amazon and more.

We have tried to find what we know to be the most unique and classic PC games from the past 25 years.